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Loan Closing

Our Job is to Be Impartial, Not Incompetent

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We Respresent You!

A closing is more than a transaction. It's an opportunity to build your reputation and a long term relationship with the borrower. We understand that we are an extension of your professionalism and knowledge of the loan closing process. We walk borrowers through each and every document to make sure all forms are filled out to their entirety including; Statement of info, PCOR, and Right to Cancel. We triple check documents (3x) before leaving location to ensure no errors are present.


We always maintain open communication with escrow officer, borrower, attorney and/or signing service.

We understand issues do happen. We make ourselves available immediately to fix any mistakes that may arise, no question. All loan signing agents are Loan Signing System (LSS) certified and attend bi-weekly  training with NotaryStars.



 We have collaborated with individuals and companies to close loans of all types including:


  • Refinances

  • Home Equity

  • Modifications

  • Reverse Mortgages

  • Out-of-State Purchases

  • Deed & Tax Transfer Documents

  • Consolidation, Extensions, & Modification Agreements (CEMA)

Our mobile notaries offer the following services throughout the state of Delaware:

  • Acceptance of document via email or representative

  • Promptly confirming closings

  • Constant contact with borrowers  & settlement

  • Having documents properly signed & executed

  • Collecting checks/funds at closing table

  • Closing Completion updates via email

  • Faxing/Scanning back documents

  • Timely Shipping of documents

In the past years, it was common for a homeowner or buyer to travel to the office of an escrow agent or title company to sign loan documents and complete the signing process. But, because of the lenders desire to make this more convenient for the borrowers, a business was created to travel to a borrower’s home or office to execute loan documents. That business was US! At First State Apostille & Notary LLC., we take the guesswork out of signing, by utilizing our qualified team of knowledgeable agents to handle all of your closing needs.

You can count on First State Apostille & Notary Services, LLC. to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests.  Contact Us to learn more about the services we provide.

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